22 - 24 February 2018


5th International BUOS Congress

Orthodontists and Maxillofacial Surgeons 

Joint Meeting

I would like to invite you to the 5th bi-annual Scientific Congress of BUOS.
It is a great honour and pleasure for me and our Organizing Committee to host this event in Mechelen.

Together with the Belgian Maxillo-Facial Surgeons, we are proud to present a 3-day Joint Meeting.

The scientific programme is focused on “Stability” after combined orthodontic & orthognatic surgery treatments and the role of both disciplines on the long term stability of treatment.

Excellent keynote speakers, specialized in the congress topic, will critically analyse these subjects followed by short presentations of new research data.

The topic will be discussed from an orthodontic point of view on Thursday. On Friday there will be a focus on the collaboration between orthodontists and surgeons. The surgical approach is highlighted on Saturday.

We also welcome our orthodontic practice assistants on Thursday for a very interesting program about 'Hygiene in the orthodontic practice' & 'Life-saving acts (First aid in case of emergency)'.

I invite you to the President's Reception in the City Hall of Mechelen on Thursday evening and to the 'Get Together Party' on Friday evening. This  will give us the opportunity to meet and socialize with each other.

The Organizing Committee and I hope to see you,

Philippe Delo

The Maxillofacial Surgeons team for O'Mechelen2018:
  • Dr. Edmond Lahy,
  • Dr. Geert Van Hemelen, 
  • Dr. Blaise Kovaks,
  • Dr. Johan Abeloos, President

The BUOS team for O’Mechelen2018:Buos
  • Evelyne De Baets,
  • Petra Maes,
  • Colette Boitte,
  • Philippe Delo, President