Orthodontist Programme Thursday 22/2/2018

09h00 - 10h30: Facial Reconstruction through Orthodontics
                                                            Keynote Speaker: Dr. Dimitrios Mavreas

Dr. Dimitrios Mavreas
It seems that patients visiting orthodontic practices nowadays, expect more than simply straight teeth. Facial balance and great smil esthetics are sought with the ideal occlusion probably playing a declining role in treatment objectives although a functional occlusion would always be among the goals.
The time factor as it may affect the esthetics of an adolescent presently treated when she/he matures should also be taken into account. Progressive atrophy of the dermis, and loss of muscle mass and compactness occurring during aging that may also contribute to bone loss may possibly be slowed by changing the lower facial height. Ideal soft-tissue proportions that may define ideal hard-tissue relationships and not the other way around. Therefore, ideal treatment planning should focus on soft tissue relationships, and placement of teeth and jaws as needed to achieve them. Smile enhancement should also be included among treatment goals, and a comprehensive analysis of it in all planes of space is rather critical. Finally, esthetics of the gingiva and teeth may complete the picture. The aim of this presentation is to demonstrate -through clinical examplesthe far reaching effects that changing the vertical, the transverse and the anteroposteriour
                            dimensions may have on the whole face.

10h30 - 11h00: Break 

11h00 - 12h30: Assemblée Générale Statutaire UFOB 
11h00 - 12h30: Algemene Statutaire Vergadering BBNO

12h30 - 14h00: Lunch Break

14h00 - 15h30: The 2018 Orthognatic Surgery
                                                            Keynote Speaker: Dr. Dominique Deffrennes

Dr. Dominique Deffrennes
Orthognatic surgery needs to correct the occlusion, respect the facial balance, allow a muscular, articular and respiratory function, but increasingly bring to patients more aesthetics. It also allows to treat sleep apnea.
Our conference exposes the importance of orientation of the occlusion through many treated cases.

15h30 - 16h00: Break

16h00 - 17h30: Management of skeletal discrepancies - Ortho or Surgery or Ortho-Surgery
                                                            Keynote Speaker: Dr. Björn Ludwig

Dr. Björn Ludwig
In the last ten years there has been an innovation flood in orthodontics. In addition to skeletal anchorage, different lingual and self-ligating bracket systems, aligners and various 3D technologies were euphorically advertised. 
So certainly the impression could be given that sophisticated skeletal anomalies can now be treated easily and even growth could be dramatically modified and ortho-surgery is not anymore necessary? Is this really true? Is there any evidence for this or are we forgetting basic/classical and often very economical knowledge which has existed for decades? The discussion will be illustrated with clinical examples and evidence based literature reviews and finally try to combine high- tech with tradition and ortho with surgery!
Beside open bite treatment this lecture will especially include a critical clinical and scientific discussion on crossbite and class III treatment and how to implement this in daily routine practice. 3D studies about their effectiveness will be shown and compared to the current and evidence based literature. Several selected case reports will demonstrate the most important clinical recommendations in order to use these mostly bone born techniques successfully. We need realistic expectations instead of wishful thinking!

17h30 - 18h00: Administration

Orthodontist Programme Friday 23/2/2018

08h30: Welcome

08h40: Opening

08h45 - 10h20: Surgery First
                                                            Keynote Speaker: Dr. Federico Hernandez-Alfaro

09h30: Evaluation of the One-Year "stability"' of the minimal invasive Le Fort I (MI-LF) technique
                    by Dr. G. Swennen
09h40: One Year follow-up of Le Fort I osteotomies in UZ Leuven
                    by Dr. D. Govaerts
09h50: Two-piece maxillary osteotomy as a treatment of anterior open bite: surgical technique and outcome
                    by Dr. J. Jonkergouw
10h00: Combined orthodontic/orthognatic open bite treatment: long term stability
                    by Dr. F. Thonnart
10h10: Frequency of maxillary osteotomy after cleft palate surgery
                    by Dr. A. Tache
10h20 - 10h50: Break 

10h50 - 11h35: An Update on 3D imaging technologies towards objective evaluation of stability of orthodontic and 
                          ortho-surgical treatment 
                                                            Keynote speaker: Dr. Antonio C O Ruellas

11h35: Bone-anchored Class III elastic traction: a multi centre study
                    by Dr. J. Van Hevele
11h45: The use of mentoplate and corticotomy to correct agenesis in the lower jaw
                    by Dr. M. Degraeve
11h55: Stability of Bollard bone anchors for maxillary protraction: a prospective study in 331 consecutive single surgeon patients
                    by Dr. G. Swennen
12h05: The efficacity of surgically placed orthodontic bone anchors used for mesialisation
                    by Dr.  D. Dielen
12h15: Class III malocclusion: mentoplate hybrid Hyrax combination: concept and results of first 100 cases
                    by Dr. J. Meewis

12h30 - 14h00: Lunch Break

14h00 - 14h45: Transversal Widening. Patient’s Choice for orthodontic camouflage or ortho-surgery
                          The dogma of mandibular intercanine distance reviewed

                                                        Keynote speakers: Dr. G. Van Hemelen - Dr. K. Asscherickx

14h45: Effectiveness of mandibular midline distraction using tooth-borne distractor: 20 years of experience in our institution
                    by Dr. F. Maschio
14h55: Rapid maxillary distraction vs per-operative 3-segment maxillary expansion: analysis and control of stability
                    by Dr. Las
15h05: The primordial role of nasal breathing in craniofacial development
                    by Dr. R. Lamartine
15h15: Do we achieve the preoperatie clinical planning during bimaxillary surgery? Relapse comes afterwards
                    by  Dr. D. Mulier

15h30 - 16h00: Break

16h00 - 16h45: Obstructive Sleep Apnea Syndrome

                                                            Keynote speakers: Dr. J. Van de Perre - Dr. N. Neyt

16u45: Long-term outcome of maxillomandibular advancement osteotomy in patients with obstructive sleep apnea syndrome
                    by Dr. L. Pottel
16h55: Genioplasty for patients with obstructive sleep apnea syndrome
                    by Dr. Kluyskens
17h05: Condylar resorption: management of a clinical enigma
                    by Dr. L. Verstraete
17h15: Treatment strategies of condylar resorption after orthognatic surgery
                    by  Dr. B. De Graeve
17h25: Long-term outcome of autogenously transplanted maxillary canines
                    by Dr. K. Grisar

17h35: Discussion and Closing Remarks

Orthodontist Programme Saturday 24/2/2018

09h00 - 10h30: New technologies in orthognatic surgery

09h00: Assessment of skeletal stability in orthognatic surgery: a retrospective study
                    by Dr. O. Oth
09h10: The labial incompetence: Chin Wing’s interest in the labial correction and long-term results
                    by Dr. Gustin
09h20: Do cutting and positioning guides results in a higher reliability and stability: a retrospective analysis of the advantageous an inconveniences of this technique.
                    by Dr. Ch. Sasserath
09h40: Complications from the use of an hydroxyapatite bonesubstitution in mandibular lengthening osteotomies to increase stabilety - interim rapport
                    by Dr. E. Coppey
09h50: Mandibular feminization surgery - a novel osteotomy technique
                    by Dr. M. Mommaerts
10h00: Stabilisation of BSSO with simplified slotted plates
                    by Dr. B. Zigterman
10h10: From ‘pommette” to “poirette”: a gender-specific approach to malar augmentation surgery - part1: a 3D-model survey
                    by Dr. O. Beckers
10h20: Chin octeotomy techniques - a narrative review
                    by Dr. A. Denis

10h30 - 11h00: Break 

11h00 - 12h30: Virtual planning of orthognatic surgery 

11h00: A fully digital surgical planning 
protocol for orthognatic surgery in fully edentulous
Dr. O. Beckers
11h10: Virtual planning in Le Fort 
III Distraction Osteogenesis: Accuracy and Longterm 
Dr. H. Jr. Vercruysse
11h20: Toward a higher surgical 
accuracy using intraoperative computer navigation,  
3D surgical guides and/or customized osteosynthesis 
plates. A systematic review
Dr. M. Van den Brempt
11h30: Accuracy and reliabllity of a new 
enhanced 3D cephalometry tool to evaluate 
“Stability” of both orthodontic and combined orthosurgical 
Dr. G. Swennen
11h40: A mobile “coach” application for 
patients undergoing orthognatic surgery: “my Face”
Dr. O. Beckers
11h50: Respiratory implantation cyst of 
the mandible 22 years after orthognatic surgical 
correction: a case report
Dr. T. Wurschin
12h00: An Announcement UEMS
                         by Dr. B. Kovacs

12h15: Closing Speech

12h30 Drinks and lunch